studio3For me, in the beginning, my work was coming from a world of loss. A place where I needed to find a way to recreate every structure, every beam, and every theory or thought process on which I had built my previous life. There is always some satisfaction in starting over. By necessity would not be my first choice, but nonetheless, it gave me a blank slate from which to create.

In beginning that process, a big lesson to be learned was one of seeing beauty in imperfection. All the lies that express and celebrate only the worldly or the unfaltering, could now be put into the light of day to show the cracks and the faults in that way of thinking. True beauty exists only in the imperfect world. Without comparison, without looking for the path someone else showed you, only then are you free to see that beauty without judgement.

studio4My work straddles a common space between abstract and figural or symbolic representation. People see their own story in my work so I sometimes hesitate to share my own vision. I prefer when the universal experience finds personal expression in my paintings and people can then receive what they need or want to see.

My paintings today are still created from my desire to make sense of the world around me, to explore questions and to share stories. Putting paint on the canvas is a peaceful way to make order out of chaos and share the beautiful that is always found next to the ugly. Words may fail us in the end, but art can speak to the part of us that has no words.