Colorado-based visual artist Alli Gerrish creates paintings that straddle the space between abstract and symbolic representation. Her art delves deep into the narratives of human emotions, feelings and energy, channeling these elements towards the transformative process of healing. Gerrish employs a diverse range of mediums, including acrylics, prints, mixed media and voiceovers to eloquently convey her experiences within a societal and cultural context. Through her work, she offers a glimpse into the collective wisdom that emerges from navigating through adversities, using the energy of everyday circumstances to create a healing source of inspiration for the future.

Until recently, Gerrish primarily identified as a traditional painter who skillfully blended abstraction and figuration to convey compelling stories. Her initial career in television production at an advertising agency led to becoming the first female voiceover for a national car company, setting the stage for her subsequent career as a versatile voice talent for various mediums, including advertisements, videos and audiobooks. However, it was the integration of digital tools into her artistic practice that marked a significant turning point in her creative journey. This technological embrace empowered Gerrish to seamlessly  amalgamate mark-making, writing and voiceover work into her art, expanding the horizons of her expressive capabilities.

Represented by Agora Gallery, New York New York.